Argan Oil For Face Benefits

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Argan oil is a natural product that is used for face treatment and offers many great benefits. Commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold’, this oil is derived from a plant that grows in Morocco. It is extracted from the nuts of the rare plant.

Studies indicate that millions of dollars go into the beauty industry every year. This shows that stakes are high and everyone is serious about getting that wonder treatment for the skin. The good news is that argan oil is a solution for all types of skin problems.

Is it safe?

Before trying out any product on your face, it is essential to know the effects it has on your skin. Argan oil for face, hair or body is absolutely safe simply because it is derived from a natural source. In addition, no other ingredients are added onto it. It is 100% natural plant oil.

The oil is available in its pure form as colorless oil which can be cloudy at times due to sediments which settle on the bottom of the container. Since it has a good natural smell, you can use it as it is. However, you can combine it with your favorite moisturizer if your preferred scent is not available.

Argan oil benefits for face

● Argan oil for dry skin

Sebum is natural oil which our skin produces in regulated amounts so that the skin is kept moisturized and cool. However, there are instances when sebum is under-produced. This makes your skin dry. It is very uncomfortable as the skin is no longer healthy and can even crack. Argan oil not only hydrates the facial skin, it also reduces itching and flakiness of the skin. Further to this, it soothes the red patches which appear under the skin. After prolonged usage, it balances the production of sebum so that the skin is able to resume its normal functioning which is to produce sebum naturally as is required.

In order to achieve great results, do not use the oil sparingly. Instead, use it as frequently as possible as a dry skin tends to go dry after short intervals. Take care not to add moisturizers that have chemicals in them such as alcohol.

● Great for acne skin

Acne products, in their quest to deal with acne, create a drying effect on the skin. This forces the skin to produce excess oil. This leads to a combination of excessive oil and dead bits of dry skin which causing blockage of pores. The resulting condition is inflammation and appearance of pimples.

Argan oil for faceApplication of argan oil to the face will reduce the need for production of excess oil as it restores the skin moisture content to the required level. Since it contains anti-inflammatory properties such as vitamin E, the blemishes on the skin will be treated naturally.

● Argan oil for sensitive skin

Since argan oil boasts of being 100% natural, chances are that it will have no negative effect on your skin. Other face products normally have alcohol fragrances and other chemicals. Such components are not suitable for sensitive skin as they are harsh and they cause irritation.

In addition to replenishing moisture, argan oil makes the face resistant abrasion and drying.

● Best for combination skin

It is common to see people having a face with a shiny forehead and nose. This is an abnormality called seborrhea which is a result of overproduction of oil particularly on the facial area and the scalp. Argan oil face products play a crucial role as they balance oil production on the face by replenishing moisture, hence removing the disparities between the areas of concern.

● Argan oil for facial scars

Scars are always as a result of failure of the skin to regenerate itself after it has been tampered with. To deal with this issue just apply argan oil regularly as it contains tocopherols. It also contains linoleic acid which is a type of fatty acid that is highly potent in influencing the skin to regenerate.

Proper skin regeneration is essential because it increases the skins’ elasticity. This reduces scars that appear as a result of breakage of skin after stretching. Additionally, argan oil removes discoloration of the skin which is normally caused by excessive stretching and rubbing of the skin.

Available in both online and local stores for purchase, argan oil can prove to be very important for your face. It is that breakthrough you have always wanted for a smooth and sensational skin.